Spinor AIR

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It is used for daily support of a weakened organism (children, the elderly, people with serious diseases) and protection against electro-magnetic radiation.


Spinor AIR – a miniature EHF apparatus. “Air” is only one mode: “universal EHF in free mode”

This mode is similar to the second mode in device Spinor LCD (Recording Mode). Function for which the unit was created and – a protection against electromagnetic fields surrounds us. The fact is that these fields are everywhere – known to many. Almost everyone has a cell phone, many – computers, appliances, heaters, I ‘m not talking about the entire Earth entangle high voltage transmission lines. And here’s how to protect yourself from them and their children – very few people know.

Spinor Air will not create a human shield around or reduce cell phone radiation. Its mechanism of action is simple. It is based on the property EHF waves “tidy up “the structure of liquid media, “blurring “effect produced by the surrounding electromagnetic field. Miniature size allows you to wear the device on the wrist, and when a person gets into a powerful electromagnetic field, the machine is turned on. Within minutes it affects the blood flow through the radial artery (on the wrist , where the listening heartbeat) on and off , while continuing to purge the blood in free mode (breaks up clumps which are formed under the influence of electromagnetic radiation , prevents vasospasm , improves the flow of oxygen into the blood and strengthens the conclusion of toxic substances). If necessary, may force the inclusion using the button.

According to Chinese medicine meridian theory, there are three on the wrist acupuncture point: a point Shern -Men point Day- Ling and Wei – Guang point, Shern Men point located on the heart meridian, which is responsible for mental health and function of the cardiovascular system. Day- point Ling and Wei – Guang along the pericardial meridian, which helps maintain normal heart function. These three points from the “Golden Triangle”, is responsible for calming, stress reduction and stimulation of sleep.

Electromagnetic aggressors:

  • Power lines
  • Wiring (inside buildings)
  • Appliances (microwaves)
  • PCs
  • TV and radio transmitting stations
  • Satellite and cellular communications (devices, repeaters)
  • Electro transport
  • Radar installations, metro, trolley buses, elevators.

Mechanism of action Spinor Air:

When the device is produced by radiation of microwave BRR mode inherent in living a healthy cell. When exposed to the apparatus for the projection or organ blood flow, there is a breakdown of clusters of blood. These structures in the air, water vapor, creating dynamic clusters are identical to those present in the human body. Structured clusters steam converted into secondary «micro- emitters,» working in the millimeter range.

  • The radiator uses a unique technology. Emitter captures ambient electromagnetic field spectrum and re-emits it, harmonizing the environment. And further, the device supports the characteristics of its radiation for a long time (until the next time).
  • Harmony field has a positive effect on the environment and man’s inner world, his state of health and activity.

Indications for use of the device Spinor Air — BRR®therapy and EHF-therapy is effective for the treatment in the complex therapy :

  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system ;
  • diseases of the reproductive syste;
  • pain at any site ;
  • helping to reduce morbidity , is a good preventive measure;
  • enhances innate immunity;
  • increases efficiency;
  • reduces fatigue;
  • increases stress;
  • improves sleep and that is very important to sleep productivity;
  • adapt the organism to the environment , technological civilization , reducing the possibility of its negative impact.

Air unit is designed to protect people from the consequences of the adverse effects of man-made electromagnetic fields, as well as other adverse factors. Electromagnetic smog literally covered humanity invisible electromagnetic cap , which becomes denser and more dangerou.

The device will not protect you from harmful influences. It can only help the body cope with the consequences of this action.
Equipped with UHF technology and DFI unit spinors AIR also becomes a unique physical therapy device that you can use in case of various pain syndromes — at home, at work, in a way, in sporting activities, a tourist trip.
Helps with pain: acute cutaneous , somatic , internal , neuropathic , phantom.

Millimeter waves emanate only from the back side of the machine. The projection device to the body tissues of the body, they form harmonizing vibrations, contributing to the rapid restoration of adaptive responses of cells.



Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 4.5 × 1.5 cm

Recommendations for procedures

For diseases that pose a serious threat to health and life, Spinor devices are used under the control of a doctor as part of comprehensive therapy.
EHF therapy has a mild sedative effect, which in the case of individual hypersensitivity to EHF radiation can lead to drowsiness and reduced attention. In this case, work requiring concentration, including driving immediately after the procedure, should be restricted or the procedure should be carried out before bedtime.
It is not allowed to use a mobile phone or other means of wireless communication during the therapeutic procedure.
Simultaneous use of emitters of different types is not allowed.

In chronic processes, the apparatus is applied to pain zones for a long time – up to 24 hours.

For acute diseases and extensive pathological foci, it is recommended to re-record several times a day.
Impact is performed on each pathological center individually.
Therapy is carried out before the pathological process disappears.
The treatment of diseases that pose a serious danger to the patient’s health is carried out exclusively under the supervision of a doctor. In this case, treatment with the Spinor apparatus is an additional means of conducting complex treatment. The treatment of diseases is regulated by clinical material.
Consult your doctor before using your device.


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