Spinor Activator

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In the  set of Spinor Activator is included:

1 gray radiator and a card  emitter (instead of a cap emitter).


The device Spinor Activator is designed to increase the fungicidal properties of water-soluble drugs and aqueous solutions of indoleacetic acid (as a catalyst for the growth of plants), as well as to increase the activity of water-soluble physiologically active substances used in agriculture, of disinfectology and at home.

The inventive method is an original method of activating carrier with EMR MM-band for subsequent exposure of the activated carrier on biological objects (mold, fungi, etc.). The media are water or aqueous solutions of mineral salts or organic compounds.

The water environment is selected as a carrier for the biologically active fluid due to the fact that electromagnetic waves of MM range most strongly absorbed in water. Thus water and aqueous solutions exposed EMR MM-range, exhibit a distinct ability to retain the acquired properties for some time.

Along with traditional applications for cosmic communications, different sensors, radiolocation and mobile communication facilities, there are special field of mm wave application in Russia – Biology, Medicine and new biotechnology of informational influence of wave nature on living organisms. First works on interaction of IR, visible and UV range with leaving cells had been conducted by Russian physicist A. Gurvich (1940th). Russian’s priority in investigations in the fields if mm wave interactio n with bio objects has been acknowledged , particularly, in publication at IEEE magazine 2002. Works of American scientists Webb and Dodd (1968).

Works of G.Frolich (1968, 1983) laid out foundation on mechanisms of Electromagnetic Waves appl ications in MM band. Works of physicist N.D.Deviatkov in 70th-90th based grounds for practical application of millimeter wave radiation in medicine and laid basis for modern industrial manufacturing of mm -wave devices. In Russia basic studies of biotro pic effect mechanism have been conducted for more than 20 years.

The results of the investigation have acquired international recognition; great scientific school has formed which studies mm-radiation effect in treating different diseases.

During the past years thorough studies of mm-radiation impact on biological objects have been conducted. Numerous research allow to work out major requirements for mm wave technique: Operating band 40-80 GHz, Radiating power, Modulation mode. Recently with the appearance of technologies allowing to bring down the price for mm wave sources, it opens a new advantage for application of low power mm wave generators in Biotechnology.

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Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4.5 × 3 cm


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