Infrared (IR) radiation is the radiation adjoining a red part of a visible range, which isn’t perceived by our organs of vision, but having ability to heat the lit surfaces. These are electromagnetic beams with a wavelength larger, than at visible red light. IK an ultrasonic head of the device “Spinor” works in the range of 0,4 – 1,2 microns – a range of thermal influence.

The mechanism of action of infrared radiation.

The absorption of the light quantum (additional energy) leads the molecules of the underlying tissues to an excited state. When using infrared radiation, the additional energy obtained is sufficient to amplify random oscillatory and rotational motions in the electric network around their orbits, so the action is only thermal (chemical reagent for IR radiation is not observed). It is believed that the radiation of thermal energy occurs when the electrons rise above the level of their atoms, but do not completely detach from them.

Clinical effects of IR-therapy:

  •  Skin vessels extend.
  • The blood stream accelerates.
  • The stream of nutrients to the irradiated body part amplifies.
  • Outflow of products of a metabolism amplifies.
  • Painful sensitivity goes down.
  • Function of endocrine glands increases.
  • Increases metabolism, including fat.
  • There is a pronounced antispastic action.

Indications for use of IR – radiations:

  • Local not purulent inflammatory processes in a subacute and chronic stage;
  • Many dermal diseases (but not purulent), as the drying and regenerating agent;
  • Burns and frostbite  (improves metabolic interstitial processes);
  • Diseases of a peripheric nervous system (intensifying of neogenesis of the nervous terminations at the miozitakh and neuralgia);
  • For treatment of contractures (reduce a tonus of muscles);
  • For acceleration of a resorption of infiltrates, exudates, after injuries of the musculoskeletal device;
  • Treatment of an obesity, myxedema;
  • Can be applied in a convalescence stage at tracheites, bronchitis, at not purulent pleurites (improve a circulation in respiratory organs);
  • For diaphoresis intensifying (when poisoning, including mercury);
  • Can be used at spastic conditions of a bladder and stomach.

ИК-терапия Аппаратом Спинор по Су Джок .НосThe infra-red radiator can be operated at certain points and zones, preparing, as if «warming», them before the subsequent influence of EHF emitters  (in particular, blue — at a diabetes mellitus and the broken carbohydrate metabolism that, as a result, leads to augmentation of production of insulin, its transportation to receptors targets, decrease of need of an organism for insulin, normalization of the production of counterinsulant hormones, etc.).

Here still example of use of IR emitter. At a rhinitis it is possible to warm up a nose, but it is possible to warm up points of compliance to a nose: on SU Jock a nose is the center of a curl on a small pillow of any finger of an arm or a leg. Such approach not only more convenient, but also much more effective. Find points of compliance to tonsils at an angina and to adenoides at their augmentation, to a throat at various LOR-diseases, to ears at otites, too, will not be difficult.