Detoxification program by the device Spinor

Our ancestors long ago concluded that one of the conditions for recovery and maintenance of health is a timely withdrawal of the harmful products and weight substances, which have accumulated inside the human body.

This idea is contained in the writings of Hippocrates, Avicenna and other famous healers.

Программа детоксикацииWhat  modern language categorizes as endogenous intoxication, is the development of the diseases which occur in the human body.   Through a person’s lifespan, occurs many of these endogenous intoxications- for example platitudes colds, influenza, digestive disorders, or experiencing high temperaturs. Endogenous Intoxication’s degree of making one feel sick and be in poor general condition, is dependant on the severity of the intoxication inside the person’s body. Removing these toxins, via urine, feces and exhalation can be accompanied by a self-improvement, as witnessed almost by everyone, one time or another.

The process of secretion juices will naturally occur,  at all levels of the gastrointestines, via adequate quantity and quality of foods entered into the human body. Other elements involved are the salivary glands, the cells of the stomach and the bowels, the liver and devotes of bile, and the pancreas. In digestion there occur many bowel micro-flora, which have a very important role in the life of a microorganism. Microbes fissile the undigested portion of foods consumed, promote assimilation and absorption of vitamins, and are involved in maintaining homeostasis. As a result, the human body can than maintain its normal conditions, for human existence.

To create this harmony in the human body, several requirements are necessary: good food, clean water, natural splitting and absorption of food.

Each organism requires adequate protection from aggressive media which occurs in the gastrointestinal tract.  In addition, a  balanced number of bowel micro-flora,  a timely removal of remnants from foods, and any additional conditions which naturally occur, during the changing states of the organism, are all necessary aspects for complete harmony to occur in the human body.

Every day, thousands of destroying lymphocytes enter the human body.  During this process, the lymphocytes can become modified, and any remaining «matter» which remains, will be deposited inside the human body, not to mention the “matter” created by worn out dead cells, microbes, and parasites.

It is partly expelled from the urine and spleen, and any remaining which are not expelled, creates the conditions where our we begin to feel sick. Cleaning occurs only when we entirely remove these wastes from the body…

The main program to be carried out at least once a year (as in the treatment of serious diseases – it is mandatory to begin with a set of therapeutic measures).

  • Rehabilitation program energy centers,
  • Rehabilitation program of vertebral column work (the method of «three tracks»)
  • Detoxification program

Cleansing or detoxification – This is categorized as the withdrawal, from the human body of, free radicals, toxins, salts of heavy metals, radio-nuclides, and clearances from the slag, mucus, etc. According to the principles of Old Chinese Medicine, the first procedure is in the meridian colon, during the period of maximum activity, from the times of 5 am — 7 am, and the second procedure is in the heater triple, during the period of maximum activity, from the times of 9 pm — 11 pm, (decreasing with the moon).

In medicine today, there are a variety of detoxification methods — enterosorbent, hemosorbtion, lazmoforez etc. Scientist’s seeking ways to resolve many of the health problems experienced by  the human body, concluded the importance of cleansing and purification.  In addition, especially in severe treatments, procedures are encouraged to undergo first a detoxification course, for  better therapeutic results.

SPINOR allows one to implement a program of detoxification painlessly, effectively, and very fairly «intelligently», since the device has a secondary title of, «the best homeopath». It allows one to input into the human body, whatever the human body needs, at that very moment!

With that stated, it is necessary to remember that there are no such things as a quick detoxifications. It is better to the procedure correctly, than to do it at all. Toxins emerge from cells in the blood, and if there are far too many toxins, they may enter into the different structures of the brain, including the sub-cortical structures, which possesses no barrier from the bloodstream (hypothalamus & pineal body). This will inevitably lead to headache, weakness, dizziness, nausea, and sweating. It is therefore suggested to carry out the cleansing of the human body, in a more smoothly and consistently manner. In short, not to rush the procedure.

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