Application of Spinor devices. Procedure of actions

Before to start treatment of diseases (this is not about acute states: flu, SARS, injuries, etc.) it is necessary to prepare an organism as appropriate. For this purpose the Russian doctors developed the general revitalizing programs. Keeping of terms and the necessary sequence of their carrying out yields the best results and protects from emergence of undesirable side effects.

Application of Spinor devices. Effective and safe sequence of actions:

  1. применение аппаратов СпинорWe begin with the Antistress program, and also preparation and the regular use of the structured water, thus, preparing an organism for cleaning and restoration.
  2. At the first stage we work with the power centers (chakras) — difficultly for an organism to work without entering of enough energy. Further we restore work of a backbone — for improvement of communication of a brain with the organs and systems controlled by it, and we work with Alpha rhythm.
  3. After that we start the Program of Detoxicating and step by step, carefully we carry out all its 5 stages. We don’t hurry and is attentively watched a condition of the organism.
  4. If to the person it is a lot of years or he has an ill health, we enlarge duration of carrying out each program.
  5. Further we restore neuroendocrinal system,
  6. behind it immune
  7. and it is obligatory – the anthelmintic program.