Before you start the therapy

Every treatment is a work for the body. When you start a clean-up, the body starts to dispose of toxins. These can cause various types of reactions, for example, fatigue, indisposition, diarrhea, fever, headaches, perspiration. These effects are in no way dangerous, but they can be discomforting. We therefore recommend a time of treatment not exceeding thirty minutes a day. For FRI-Therapy there is no recommended time limitation of usage.

Various types of other treatments, as well as consumptions of certain types of foods, may weaken/reinforce the results. Hence it’s advised to follow the recommendations after each section. Each treatment ought to be begun with the Anti-Stress program (Program 3), in order to prepare and calm the human body to be receptive to the pending treatment.

For an effective treatment, irrespective of one’s current symptoms, we recommend that you begin with a cleaning procedure. Treatment of severe illnesses must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. In such a case, the treatment with the Millimeter wave instrument should be considered more as an aid, in a complex healing procedure. Hence we recommend continued usage of medication, according to the doctor´s directions.

Before to start treatment of diseases (this is not about acute states: flu, SARS, injuries, etc.) it is necessary to prepare an organism as appropriate. For this purpose the Russian doctors developed the general revitalizing programs. Keeping of terms and the necessary sequence of their carrying out yields the best results and protects from emergence of undesirable side effects.