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Work with the Alpha rhythm by the device Spinor


At any chronic disease in a brain the resistant center which as if fixes this disease is formed.

It is the adaptable mechanism which is formed that the organism life interfaced to this disease was possible (in other words, the program on survival works). But to cure this chronic disease, this resistant center in a brain needs to be «erased». Work with an alpha rhythm by means of the device Spinor which, among other things, promotes improvement of mood helps to make it.

  • We influence specially podobkranny point (see in fig.) in the second mode within one minute a zhelkty or blue radiator. The point at right-handed persons should be looked for at the left on three poperechkny fingers at the upper edge of an ear (for orientation — there is a nebolkshy deepening), at lefthanders, sootvetkstvenno, on the right.
  • Then to leave a radiator in the same place for 8-12 hours (for fixing it is possible to use elastic bandage or special thongs).

Duration of the program depends on a concrete disease at the specific patient, but on average — for 7 days with week breaks. It is expedient to begin correction at any disease with this program.