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Open the chakras with the Spinor

chaktyEnergy Center (chakras-in eastern holistic health) plays a crucial role in the energy exchange rights, as a system of macro/microcosm. 

As all actions are aimed at healing, it should also be directed towards the restoration of incoming distribution, as well as utilization of energy in the body.
Opposite of each energy center, is anatomically some iron internal secretion (hormone production). These centers should be opened to receive energy, and the consequences for lack of openings, will create problems in that specific area, where the centers are located. In addition, it will subsequently draw energy away from the center above, causing further issues.

It is recommended to influence each of those energy centers for one minute, every day (mode 1).

Start with applying SPINOR, for one minute, directly on each point.The sensor does not operate as a channel, but rather as a fan. It is highly suggested to use the yellow radiator (due to its wider range).

Begin with the front points:

Use all steps as shown on the picture above (One minute, at each point).

If using both crystals at the same time, one should use the following steps:

Step 1 – 2,  Step 3 – 4,  Step 5 – 6, Step 7 – 8.

  1. Apply SPINOR by the area of groin, for one minute.
  2. Apply SPINOR by the area of umbilicus, for one minute.
  3. Apply SPINOR by the area of the heart, (mid-sternum), for one minute.
  4. Apply SPINOR by the thyroid region (cartilage larynx), for one minute.
  5. Apply SPINOR by the back of the neck, for one minute.
  6. Apply SPINOR by the back of the chest, for one minute.
  7. Apply SPINOR by the level just above the navel, for one minute.
  8. Apply SPINOR by the area of the diamond lower lumbar region, for one minute.

Influence of the above zones should be administered for 5 to 7 days; if there are serious issues, one may increase administration, for 7 to 10 days.

Unfortunately, currently Western medicine does not fully appreciate the significance of energy centers for the human body.  Consequently, the function of all organs and systems, are adversely regulated.